The warranty period for the louvered doors manufactured by Woodtechniс ™ is 1 year from the date of manufacture, In case if the product was preserved according to the preservation instruction, proper installation and proper use in accordance with current standards, regulations and current law of Ukraine.

Review during the purchase!

    The appearance of the products, the completeness (in accordance with the terms of purchase), must be checked by the buyer during purchasing. The warranty period for the preservation of non-installed louvered doors is 12 months from the date of producing, in case if the if the production was preserved properly in accordance with "DSTU B В.2.6-99: 2009 (EN 14351-1: 2006, NEQ). Structures of buildings. Wooden Door blocks. General specifications ". To make a claim for the product, you must submit a true copy of the bill and write an application.

The manufacturer is not responsible for:

    The manufacturer is not liable for defects of the product that were find out after transportation of the product to the consumer and as a result of violations of the rules of preservation, installations and use in accordance with current standards, regulatory documents and current law of Ukraine.